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Arachnophilia Sweeps Hippie Love-In!

Okay, so it's not really a car per se, but neither was the Concept 2096, and that didn't even have a drivetrain. Semantics aside, how could you go wrong with an open top, hydro-mechanically driven, eight-legged roadster? Sure, the performance may not be quite as tight as a car's, but let's see an Accord climb up the wall. Rollout of the spiderbot occurred at this year's Burning Man festival, where it appeared to make a long, strange trip toward a crowd of besotted flower children, apparently as a flautist blew the theme to "Shaft" in waltz time. Groovy.

Night Vid - Lit Up Ricer Stylee [Youtube]


Mondo Spider Project [Industrialis]

Weird Creepy Walking Robot... [Interal]

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I submitted this as a tip a few days ago. Guess I should have uploaded it to Youtube first.