Have you heard of this car? Cause we sure haven't.(I am so smrt) The Artega GT is the brain child of one Henrik Fisker, former design director at Aston Martin, and is set to go into very limited production in May 2008. We've seen Fisker work as a coachbuilder before, but this will be their first chassis built in house. The Artega, aside from having a name amusingly similar to a famous American salsa, looks like the child of a Ferrari F430, a Porsche Cayman, and a Mitsubishi Eclipse (Mitsu is only happy someone remembered them). It's powered by a 300 hp 3.5L V6 of unknown sourcing and weighs in around 1500kg. That should slot into the lower realm of hand built, mid-engined, monuments to the male ego. It's in the neighborhood of a hundred grand, but for now its a Euro only offering. Don't worry, we're better off with the Cayman anyway. [AutocarUK]