Those in the market for a Toyota Matrix might want to make note of the fact that its twin, the Pontiac Vibe, is going to be dropping its base price to $15,895 (with shipping charges) when it goes on sale in February. That's a decrease of $1,500 over the 2008 model price. We're not that surprised by the move, year-over-year sales of the Vibe are down 20.8% and a lower price would make it more competitive in the increasingly competitive not-quite-entry-level market.

We're a bit curious if they're also going to adjust the G5's price given that it'll only be $300 cheaper. Compared to the rebadged Cobalt, the Vibe is a great deal at that price and comes standard with stability control, ABS and OnStar. An AWD Vibe will come in at a base price of $19,495 and the GT version tops out at $19,895. [Source: GM]