iPhone "Should" Synch With Ford's Sync Infotainment System

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We've just heard from Jason Farmer, Microsoft's project manager for the Sync infotainment system, (yes, the one we just had the exclusive first hand-on with on Sunday) that "it looks pretty good...it has bluetooth and USB, so it should work." Just wanted to make sure you all were the first to know — if you buy a Ford with Sync installed later this year, the magical phone-plus-"i" from Apple you buy just before that will work with it. But if you're looking for more info on the smarter-than-smart phone, you might want to cross the street for some of Gizmodo's day-long coverage of the cool-as-hell device.


Microsoft And Ford Get N'Sync At The Detroit Auto Show And CES, We Get First Exclusive Hands-On: Part 1 [internal]


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. . . and I even grew up in a Ford family in Motown . . .

BTW, lieberman, remember when you said (re: Pixies) that if I'm ever in L.A. to drop you a line? My band's playing in L.A. in February. Send me an email and I'll give you the details if you're interested.