Over the Back Fence: Jaguar XF to Be Bond's Next Ride

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What'll come of James Bond's vehicle of choice after Ford sheds Aston Martin? FoMoCo's $100 million product-placement deal with Sony/MGM will only be in its second of three pictures by the next 007 flick, which means the DBS won't be usurped by a BMW (or similar). But fansite MI6 reports Bond will drive the upcoming Jaguar XF, set to replace the S-Type in 2008. Seems fitting, but imagine how many gallons of oil and smokescreen he could fit in a Volvo V70.


OO7 to drive Jaguar XF in Bond 22 [CoolBrit]

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Mike Spinelli

Justin — this is a particular three-picture deal between Sony/MGM and Ford that has nothing to do with previous Bond pictures and the Ford products therein.