Motoring, What's Your Price for Fleeting Fame? Interactive Mini Billboards

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When we were in San Francisco over the New Year, we noticed a Mini billboard on 80 eastbound just before the bridge with a digital readout that displayed various slogans. It turns out that the Anglo-Bavarian small-car brand has bigger plans afoot for said signs, which are currently up in Chicago, New York, Miami and obviously, Sucka Free. Now one can sign up, send the BMW unit a message you'd like to see displayed, and four to six weeks later, you'll receive a special key fob that signals the billboard as you pass by to display your personal message. Big Brother or an appeal to vanity writ large? Either way, it's amusing and troubling at the same time.


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Al Navarro

We proposed to a local car dealer to run a digital billboard that said stuff like "Hey you, in the silver Accord. Looks like you could use a new car." Our low budget solution was just to have a bunch of random colors and models/marques rotate so you were pretty much guaranteed to hit something relevant. Would have been much cheaper than this solution, probs. (No, the dealer didn't buy the concept.)