Audi WIns AOL's Coveted Detroit Auto Show 'Best Food' Prize

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We've developed a hoary old maxim when it comes to the Automaker that Used to Be Kind of Horch and then Was Part of Auto Union, Eventually Becoming What We Know Today as Audi. Essentially, it comes down to this: if Audi offers you a meal, you should partake, because their spreads have never failed us. No surprise then, when it came down to satiating starving autojournos at Cobo, AOL gave the VW unit the big nod.


We actually didn't partake of Audi's show food, but they did serve the poor, tired huddled Jalops who couldn't get into the GM Style event a nice meal at Sweet Georgia Brown's. The breaded, fried stuffed artichokes were delish. Heck, they were even magnanimous enough to allow a General Motors employee banned from her own company's event to tag along. When it comes to comestibles, Audi knows what's up. Now can we please have that R8 to test?

Best Food At the Show [AOL]

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Is that an Auto Union Scalectrix?