Oh, Canada!

So we've got Mark E. Smith and whatever barely holding together iteration of the Fall hawking Mitsubishi Outlanders. We've got Toyota abandoning the Hilux philosophy for pickup trucks roughly the size of the battleship Yamato. We can almost even take the Buzzcocks warbling away for the Association of Retired Punk Rockers AARP. Now, to top all of this is terror free gasoline. A welcoming Sinclair dinosaur that had made the ultimate sacrifice in order that we may drive is now the site of a red white and blue blazoned Terror Free Oil gasoline filling station in Omaha, Nebraska. This gas station is the bizzaro equivalent of green snow shovels made from fair market hemp with 0.002% of the profits going to save the rain forest. Perhaps this terror free stuff is fresh squeezed from Canadian oil sands. None of this really matters of course, for Chairman Li and his crew are coming for us all.

Terror-Free Gas Hits The Midwest [Nebraska TV]

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