I've got control of the QOTD reins today while Jonny is out piloting a $100,000+ torqued out monster (that's your only hint) and I don't plan on wasting this opportunity. Here's the deal. The current Pope steps down and through a series of strange, King Ralph-esque turns you end up as the new Pontiff. After the usual pomp and circumstance, secret rituals and hat fittings you get the opportunity to ask any automaker in the world to design a Popemobile to your specs.

While granmda might be impressed that you're the new Holy Father (my own grandmother would die of happiness), you're friends aren't going to care unless it means some serious wheels. So what's your ideal Popemobile?

And remember, as the Pope there are some crazy mofos out there that want to take your holy ass down. In addition to the luxury you require (a dash made of pieces of the true cross, et cetera), you're going to need speed and safety. Do you feel holy punk? Well, do ya?