Super Bowl Ad Watch: GM Forces Robot To Kill Self

This teaser for GM seriously almost made folks here in the Gawker office cry. Despite the fact that the little guy's nothing more than a soulless and heartless robot, it's still heart-wrenching to see the little dude seek to end his life in such a way. Shame on the General for making it come to this for the little dude. What a douche-bag auto company. But we also heard the robot was sleeping around at the Pontiac factory so maybe it was just best for everyone. Oh, did we mention we'll have a poll up in a little bit for y'all to weigh in on what you think the best leaked Super Bowl auto ad teaser's been? While you're waiting, check out the other ads we've spotlighted so far — from FoMoCo and from the General's consumer-focused Chevrolet brand.

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Funny part is that our herobot is equipped with an end effector that has nothing to do with installing bolts, hell, it doesn't have anything to do with anything in a plant.

Really, bolt installation robots just don't have that much character. Just a bunch of hoses, vibrating bins, and driver motors.

GM, you're a big far liar.