Spy Photos: Mercedes SLK Nip/Tuck

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There may be no vehicle least discussed among the Jalopnik inner sanctum than the Mercedes SLK. It's not a bad car. I even thought the poky first generation had a few sidling charms. The added power, muscular looks and neck warmer in the second generation were just fine additions indeed. But the SLK has never been a car to spark a furious debate escalating into drinks flung and haymakers thrown. And that's probably for the best. The last thing granddad needs on his way from the podiatrist's is a bunch of drunks arguing across his car. Anyway, it's getting a facelift for 2008.

SPY PHOTOS: Mercedes SLK Facelift [World Car Fans]

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Al Navarro

I can't imagine ever wanting to own one...no matter what size motor they shoehorn into it, no matter how many styling cues they bite off the SLR.

It's not a cheap car. But it's not all that fast. Not all that spacious. And in AMG baubles, a little too flashy for my taste. Give me a pristine 280 SL or even 380/450 SL...at least it won't look dated 5 years from now, and you won't be tempted to try and keep up with all the Boxsters that pull up beside you at lights.