You Go, Turbo! Yugo Turboooooooo!

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It had to happen. Mix together a junkyard stew of Yugos, Fiats, turbocharging bits and pieces, and a big helping of ingenuity, and you get: TURBO YUGO! This gentleman took an '87 Yugo GV, dropped in an X-1/9 powerplant, then rigged up a blow-through turbocharging setup with gear torn from a '91 Saab. It's a bit disappointing that he considered a Megasquirt fuel-delivery system but stuck with the stock carb instead, but no matter. Just being able to say you roll in a Yugo Turbo is enough.


Turbocharged 1987 Yugo GV [James Seabolt]

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Yeah, but it's only rare to see a Yugo in bad shape through sheer process of elimination. The only Yugos that are still in what could be considered running condition are the ones that have been babied by men with suspenders and beards.

That said, "turbo Yugo" is one of the most awesome alliterations ever. It's the perfect combination of awesome and terrible.