Bye, Bye, Rockin' Supercar: A Tercel's Last Ride

A few years ago I sold an ugly-but-running '86 Tercel wagon to a friend. She's a single mother on a tight budget, so the car worked out great for her. Her little girl named it the "Rockin' Supercar" and much Tercel-enabled happiness ensued... until the fateful day when the oil ran out and a rod was thrown. Here's the heartbreaking video of the car being towed away to The Crusher and its poor sad 6-year-old friend running after the tow truck. The Rockin' Supercar is in heaven now, kid.


French Muddin' in a Tercel 4WD! [internal]


not to be a jerk but.... it was cute until i heard (or think I heard) "respect... respect for the super car" in a very white-trash, ghetto drawl