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OK, we're flummoxed. We've no idea what the heck this Ferrari is that was spotted outside of the R&D center of the prancing horse in Maranello. We're guessing it's a powertrain mule — but of what kind and what purpose, we've not got the foggiest idea. We're wondering if y'all — or perhaps the nice people at FerrariChat might be willing to hazard a guess as to the identity of the mystery mule. Full spy report from our magical tipster Kevin Welker (who knows a thing or two about the sound of an engine) after the jump and higher-res shot located here.

"I was in Maranello last week and caught this mule pulling out of the R&D center of Ferrari. Not sure if it is old news as a 2010 Dino or some shooting brake concept that would get everyone at Jalopnik all hot and bothered but I thought I would pass it along. It sounded like a V8 to me as it pulled away."