Forgotten Mercury Of The Day: 1977 Cougar

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You hear a lot of whining from Mustang aficionados about the terrible things that Ford did to the Mustang starting in '74. But what about the Mustang's long-suffering sibling, the Cougar? A hastily rebadged Torino for '74 through '76, then a hastily rebadged Thunderbird for the '77-'79 models, the Cougar's incoherent branding and third-fiddle status became a cherished Ford tradition lasting into the 21st century. Still, the '77 Cougar has a certain malaise-era decadence about it; it's easy to picture Debbie Harry rolling in the back of one, stubbing out her smokes on the Simu-Leather upholstery and cursing drunkenly at the driver.


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My first car in 1989 was a 79 cougar, black with red valor. The front seat was like my sofa at home. So after 3 weeks driving it(or driving at all) I put in some Doobie Brothers, put on the intermitten wipers at the lowest speed (woosh-woosh, long pause, woosh-woosh)for the light drizzle, reclined the seat like the little guido that I was and promptly fell asleep and hit a tree. I loved that car.