We have confirmation from World Car Fans via Automotive News that Volvo will be making good on its threats to wagonify the C30 hatchback. We also heard via the same sources that Cindy will totally go to second base with you if you borrow your dad's Lincoln. But don't hold us to that. The C30's platform is comfortable with five doors as it already underpins the Mazda3 hatch, S40 wagon and Euro Focus. Above is our exceptionally poor rendering of what the hatch might look like with four doors in sportback/wagon version.

A C30 wagon would provide some serious competition in the young-urban-professional-dog-owning-wine-tasting-small-condo-with-garage demo, which has been flocking to the Audi A3. No word yet on who and what gets the new wagon and whether it'll be a V-series wagon or just a larger C-series. [World Car Fans]