New Boattail? Buick Riviera Concept Coming to Shanghai

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Comprehension of cuneiform lettering is above our pay grade, so all we know about this Buick concept destined for the Shanghai auto show is its name in English. That is, the Riviera, a gullwing'd prototype sports coupe that could redefine the public perception of Buick around the world. It may also confuse the hell out of Chinese buyers, who sweat Buick for its country-club-circa-1965 interpretation of luxury. The Rivera shares its name with the erstwhile Buick Riviera coupe of previous decades, and is the product of GM-Shanghai Auto's joint-venture Pan Asia Technical Center in Shanghai. We'll get a better impression on April 22 when the Riviera concept premieres at the Shanghai show. [Thanks to Dave for the tip.]


[via CNR Auto]

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