We've got something even better than giving your worn out Corolla to a charity like the Salvation Army, which is only tax deductible if it exceeds the amount of a standard deduction with all your other deductions (and if your car is worth that much why are you giving it away?). Apparently, the divorced wife of Guyana's president has been having to take the bus to get to her charitable work because the state isn't providing her with car service anymore and is pleading for help.

She doesn't even need to own the car, she just needs to borrow it for a little bit. She promises she'll give it back: "If there is anyone with a spare vehicle who can lend it to me for a while, I will be very grateful." Seriously, anyone in Guyana with an old Bronco or a Honda or something give her a lift, she's just trying to help sick children. [AP]