Spy Photos: Dodge Caliber SRT4...Unmasked?


We know the Caliber SRT-4 had an unveiling of sorts at the '06 Chicago Auto Show, but that was ages ago, and since then, nary a one has been seen sans fascia obscura. Well, seems that an anxious engineer doing some shakedown testing forgot something Saturday on the way to the Tigers game. The bizarre part is that it was left unattended in the only remaining area of downtown that's still shady. Perhaps they wanted this dashing biker to capture is against the gritty backdrop and post it to the interwebs for all to see - lazy marketing I like to say. Adding to the conspiracy, Sunday in Pontiac, I chased down a similary unobscured next gen Magnum SRT-8, now with 100% more Avenger like nose. Unfortunately motorcycles and cameras at high speed don't jive real well. You'll have to make do with a walkaround video and a galley of pics of the Caliber.

Startech Tunes Dodge Caliber, Still Not A Pig And Bear Edition


Pep-Boys Memorial Day Sale styling? Check.

Interior plastics that even Big Lots customers would feel insulted by? Check.

Enough torquesteer to snap even the Rock's wrists? My guess would be check.

Needless to say, I'm sure it will make budget-minded hoons stampede their local American side of the German-American Hybrid dealership.