Behold, The Awesome Track Prowess of the Elise


We caution readers with weaker constitutions to avoid viewing this video. If you do not already have a burning desire to own one of these masterpieces of lightness, turn away, lest you fall for its devilish ways. Cursed be you oh series of tubes, for not bringing this video to our attention sooner! Almost a year, languishing on the tube of you... for shame. Okay, kids, here's a test, put on your helmet, turn up the sound, sit real close to the monitor and hit play, if you don't want an Elise by the end, you officially have no soul.


Lotus Reveals New, Elise-Based Circuit Car


I'm afraid I would have just plowed into everybody and punting them into the wall Need for Speed style, screaming "you'll never take me alive, jackasses!"

Wow. That was phenomenal. Did he hit the black Elise next to the yellow one a few times? I would have shat myself breezing past said yellow Elise and the wall afterwards. Then he just breezes past those 3 after that Holden sign, on that corkscrewy downhill. Simply magnificent.

This guy gets a gold star.