Nick Morley Given "30 Days Temporary Detention" In Gumball 3000 Fatal Hit-And-Run

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This news is coming in fast and furious on the story of the two Brit Gumball 3000 drivers involved in the fatal hit-and-run we've been reporting on hot and heavy over the past few hours. We've now got news that:

"An investigative judge of Struga Court ordered 30 days of temporary detention to the British citizen Nicholas Morley, Makfax's correspondent reported.

Morley has been detained for the purposes of the investigation into yesterday's traffic accident that took place at Struga-Qafasan road, which left one Macedonian citizen dead. The victim's wife, who has suffered heavy injuries in the accident, is in critical condition.

The tragic traffic accident occurred on the Struga-Qafasan road near KMR Petrol station. The speeding Porsche, driven by the Briton, crossed over the center lane and crashed into Golf with Ohrid registration plates."


No word on what may have happened with Matthew McConville, but we're also hearing...

...that the driver and passenger of the BMW with Russian license plates were released by Macedonian authorities after initially being taken into custody. As for the official charges against Morley — they were for:

"...a formal accusation against Morley for "heavy violation of traffic safety" and "failure to provide help to an injured person."


Briton reported for accident near Struga gets 30-day temporary detention []

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Hairdressers in Porsches.

That sums up Gumball perfectly.