The Lane Taken Daily That Is Fast Totally Hearts Jalopnik Commenters

We've always said we've got the smartest commenters in the automotive blogosphere. OK, we've never explicitly said it — but we've totally thought it and — like — insinuated it a couple of times. But whatevs, now some little daily auto show seen by countless dozens of people agrees with us in their coverage of our coverage (how totally meta is that?) of the Gumball 3000. Check it out — maybe you're now a movie YouTube star too. Hell, maybe we'll even do a round of the drinking game on it next time there's a terribly tragic automotive story y'all are commenting on...eek, that sounded rather insensitive, didn't it?


Our Gumball 3000 coverage [internal]


Well, Mr Sanchez and Mr. Palmiter need to do a bit more research it seems.

Targa Tasmania ([]) and Targa Newfoundland ([]) are very successful closed course rallies that are held each year with full support of the governments of Tasmania and Newfoundland. It is also a proper rally in the sense of there being a staggered start for each driver and time cards to allow you to calculate the overall times of the competitors.

There are many classes and they have featured everything from small every day drivers to full blown WRC spec rally cars, and everything in between. You can't tell me that people who have the money for things like the Irresponsib-Ball 3000, and Bullrun would not fall all over themselves to run their cars, and not have them impounded, or escorted out of countries.

Granted that the Irresponsib-Ball 3000 is a rally that covers a larger 3000 mile course, I am sure that many of the competitors will be more then happy to run a closed course where they can legally test their limits and their vehicles limits with clearly marked pace notes and in a closed course scenario.

And yeah... Closed course is still a rally.. last time I checked, WRC uses closed courses all the time.