We're pretty sure there won't be a Hayabusa mill to perform miracles of speed. But the latest from the UK rumor mill is BMW's bringing back the Isetta, the popular econo-egg from the 1950s — created by Italy's Iso and popularized by BMW — that grabbed a generation of cosmopolitan Europeans by the lapels and screamed Holen Sie innen das rollende Ei, dumbkauf!. It may not comprise a new brand, but BMW could use a high-mileage minicar to offset the low end of its fleet-mileage average. Launching an Isetta-tagged minicar might be the company's ticket to complianceville. Of course, the new model won't likely get the same 12-hp engine as the original, nor be dubbed "rolling coffin" by apprehensive car buyers. Bosses have yet to confirm such a car is in the pipeline, but AutoExpress speculates 2010 might be the date. [AutoExpress]