If you live in Virginia and accidentally put a dent in your parent's new Bimmer we've got a great excuse for you: a truck carrying poultry fat left a trail of greasy, smelly lard 20 miles along northbound Route 13 in eastern Virginia, causing at least four accidents and creating a massive stink. It all started when a driver for Perdue somehow sprung a leak while carting the waste product to a disposal facility. Despite leaving a "greasy film" and broken fenders in his wake, it wasn't until he made it to a weigh-station that the cops caught up to him.

Perdue has contracted with a cleaning company to help clean up the spill, which is apparently an environmental and driving hazard. We fell in love with the Perdue Wonder Chicken thanks to the Chicken Hut in Chicago, so we're glad our noses weren't anywhere in the proximity of this greasy disaster. [AP]