Rawlings and Collins on their Transcon Record Attempt

Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins sit down with Bullrun's Rory Camangian for the first segment of what's apparently a four-part interview. They cover the issue of fatigue, their bet with Jay Riecke and prepping the car. Interestingly enough, although Bullrun has posted the methods used to prove that Rawlings and Collins indeed did sprint from Manhattan to Redondo in 31:59, they still haven't answered our question: what was the mileage covered? Along with airing the actual proof, it's the other piece in the puzzle required to tell if they incontrovertibly beat 32:07 by eight minutes or not.

Rawlings & Collins Break Coast-to-Coast Record — Bullrun 2007 [Bullrun2007.com]

Did Rawlings and Collins Break the Transcontinental Record [Internal]

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(channeling Chris Farley)

"Remember that time... when you drove across the country... really fast? Remember that?"


"That was cool."