Transformers Movie Update: Sector Seven Video Gives Nod To Dinobots, Insecticons, Lazerbeak And Generation One Bumblebee

Looks like the folks doing marketing for the new live-action Transformers movie are enjoying tweaking some of the fan-boys with these hidden easter egg movies on the game site for the movie. You can only get into the site via a code embedded in the trailer we saw earlier. Once you submit, you're treated to some exclusive video including some nods to a bunch of Generation One fun — including everyone's favorite robot that transforms into a T-Rex, an Insecticon, a certain Lazer-like Decepticon and even Generation One Bumblebee. Check the videos out above we made from the site.

UPDATE: We've now got 1080 HD screen captures from the trailer we posted earlier below!


Transformers Movie Update: Final Theater Trailer Hits The Web...We Just Had A Robogasm [internal]

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So, I don't get it... Apparently SOMEBODY has some cursory knowledge of what the hell a Transformers movie should be like. How is it that Michael Bay conCOCKts this sure-to-be-crappy-ass, advertising cluster-f*ck of a movie?