Some of you may remember Dan Neil's rather glowing review of the new Chrysler Town & Country Limited. You know, the one where he proclaims that a smart, sensible baby haulin' minivan makes him a total DILF. Well, Jeremy Clarkson is having none of it. Clarkson hauls his wife and three daughters to the great city of Ottawa where he rents a Dodge Grand Caravan. We should pause right here and explain that Jezza may very well have borrowed a 2004 Grand Caravan. We doubt he knows the difference. Truth is, we don't really care about Jeremy's take on a minivan. No, we're posting this because of his take on Canada:

But by the same token no one in Canada ever wins on the horses, or escapes from a knife fight with their life, or has an orgasm. It is Switzerland with wheat.

Damn skippy. [Times Online]