Renault Laguna Teasers

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With Renault set to reveal its latest Laguna on June 4, the company's sent out some teaser shots of the 2008 model, which we'll examine as a purely academic exercise. The Laguna's always left us sort of clammy, with looks that appear backdated, even in light of today's drab-plus-one entrants like the Volkswagen Passat and Toyota Camry. And if the '08, which first broke cover last month is an indication, the only design freshness is a fascia looped in from the Nepta concept. If that's all we can expect from watching French cars from afar (we know it's not), we'll stick with Alfa Romeos.

Renault Reveals Nepta Concept for Paris Show [internal]

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Screw Re-NALT...give me a Chevy Laguna (or a same-vintage El Camino with a Laguna front end) any time!