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And speaking of the 2009 BMW X6 — in addition to what we're told is the "BMW V5" we've also got some shots of what does appear to be the X6, courtesy of our friendly neighborhood tipster James. The enterprising photog caught these shots of the new big-rear-end crossover sedan on southbound I-75 just before the I-640 interchange. Full spy report from James after the jump. In the meantime we'll just add these shots to our ever-expanding gallery of X6 photos caught round town.

Saw this CUV on I-75 south and I-640 east at 5 pm on Friday, 11/23. Not sure what it is, but the logo on the hatch is blacked out. South Carolina plates. Couldn't get in front of it to get that picture; the driver was moving through traffic pretty good and I was going faster than I was comfortable for the traffic level. And once the driver noticed I was taking pics, I wasn't going to catch up.

Don't you just hate it when they try to sneak away from you?