Since it's been nearly a month since we last saw a 1950s Detroit DOTS car, and even longer since our most recent DOTS Cadillac, today we're going to look at two-and-a-half tons of Cadillac style: a 1957 Sedan de Ville. This car lives on the island's east side, quite close to the '72 Mercedes 280SEL, and it's parked on a busy street every day. No garage for this survivor!

The '59 Cadillac is the one everyone thinks of when they imagine a hyper-ornamented befinned Cad, but the '57 was no slouch in the Tons-O-Chrome department. Check out this space-age taillight and bumper treatment!

The twin-blade hood ornament is a winner, too. You got a 300-horse 365 under the hood of this baby.

The fins were to get bigger every year until '59, and then shrink as the 60s progressed. They're still somewhat restrained here.

Later front-wheel-drive Eldorados had a variation on the side-trim theme you see here. This is the car driven by mid-level mob attorneys back in the day, although it's likely many of them would have selected the Coupe de Ville.

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