When we had the Is the 914 DOTS-worthy? poll a while back, 85% of you answered in the affirmative. That means it's about time we saw one of Alameda's 914s... which have turned out to be really hard for me to catch in photographable circumstances. I see them in parking lots, driveways, parallel-parked snout-to-tail with other cars that block the shot angles. Finally, I found this somewhat rough example, which lives near the '69 Fairlady.

I'm not even going to try to guess a model year for this car, since it looks like some serious Bumper Hackage has been taking place... and I need to see the bumpers to figure out the year on a 914. You 914-o-philes who can smell the year of this car, please help me out here.

And 914 haters, feel free to tell us why you have such a hard time accepting this little car into the Porsche family. Is it the Transporter engine? The VW branding on some European versions?

Speaking of branding, I've always thought the Porsche lettering on the cooling air intake grille looked pretty cool. Much cooler, say, than the big Porsche decals on the sides of later 914s.

This car needs plenty of work. Every body panel is trashed, lots of stuff is missing, and the interior doesn't look so nice. However, I can't see any rust, so it wouldn't be impossible to get this example back into good shape.

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