Paper-Doll Enzo : Ferrari Reveals Cardboard Concept

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Ferrari revealed a pint-sized Enzo concept insiders are calling the "1000 kilo" car, or "Millechili" in Italian. Winding Road was on hand at Ferrari's 60th Anniversary fete to enquire, though the got some winding answers from the Ferraristi on hand. Some are calling the model — whose wheelbase is nearly 10 inches less than that of the Enzo — the "FXX Millechili." That implies the little bugger could pull down as much as 660 horsepower from the Ferrari's top-end V12. At 2207 lb., that kind of power would be downright time warping. Could we be looking at the smaller Ferrari some insist is on the way? Or is it a practical joke you have to be Modenese to get. Eh!


Ferrari Quietly Unveils FXX Millechili (1000kg) Concept [Winding Road]

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