Phallic Traffic Posts Under Scrutiny

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An Oregon town is considering fitting its bollards with chains, piercings and prophylactics after residents complained of their phallic nature. The plan was cooked up by Keizer officials in an attempt to save money, replacing the controversial cement posts would cost an additional $20,000. No word yet on whether Tobias "Leather Daddy" Fünke is the town's Traffic Consultant.


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Is this a town run by Beavis and Buttheads imagination? Have they ever traveled anywhere else and noticed the posts pretty much look the same everywhere? Reminds me of the Family Guy episode where Peter Griffin tells congross the Washingon Monument looks like a giant penis or the Capitol Building looks like a giant boob, and lets not even get started on the Pentagon. What next, banning Hummers from the road because the name is slang for a blowjob or maybe even a classic Willy's Jeep since the name is slang for a penis?