Cricket: Could It Be The Worst Car Chrysler Ever Sold?

Chrysler did pretty well selling rebadged Mitsubishi cars in the 70s. However, their effort to sell another captive import, the Plymouth Cricket, was another story altogether. Two words will suffice to explain its failure: Hillman Avenger. Still, this ad is lots of fun, as we get to see the Hillman drive inside a circle made from every single car Chrysler offered in 1971, including some great Sub Lime and Plum Crazy machines.

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@bnt: actually I believe it was named after a small annoying insect.

@LemursGT: My grandparents had one in the 80's, but they didn't have it long, not sure why but it could have been a piece of shyte. If it weren't for that one I would never had remembered it either and I am about the same age as the car also.