2010 Mercedes E-Class

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The last time we saw the next-generation of the Mercedes E-Class it was undergoing cold weather testing. This time it's been caught spending some time where it gets hot. Actually — it's in a place that gets really hot — the capital city of the lovely little emirate of Dubai. These shots, taken by a forum member over at Supercars.net, show off the new Daimler-Benz summer lineup of camouflage car cladding modeled by what looks to be the 2010 Mercedes E-Class. We're still expecting the next E-Class to offer a wide selection of gas engines ranging from four to eight cylinders running with 184 horses all the way up to 544 hp, and diesel's ranging from a four-cylinder at 136 horses to an 8-cylinder at 354 hp. [via Supercars.net]


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I hope it doesn't end up being as boring as the current E class. Last week I had a test drive of an E420 CDI. I should have been grinning from ear to ear with its 315HP and 730Nm of Torque (or should that be termed "thrust" when it's that high an amount). The performance was astounding, but I got out thinking it was a very boring car with no passion or feel about it.

A week earlier I'd tested a BMW 535d with only 286BHP and 560Nm and it was like, well, dare I say it? an Ultimate driving machine.