Ford Flathead V8 Tractor Makes Snow Donuts

The Ford Flathead V8 is a legendary little engine. An industry of go fast parts grew up around the powerplant, as early hot rodders and speed demons learned how to extract more horsepower out of the mill. One of those parts was a conversion kit to plunk the V8 in place of the stock four banger in Ford tractors. Watch as Grandpa enjoys the benefits of newfound tractor power in winter. [Flathead V8 conversions for Ford tractors ]


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Though you can take that same tractor out with a 4cyl and do the exact same thing, it still doesn't "ruin everything". What they need is a video of one of these at a tractor pull next to the 4cyl version. Still very cool, but a terrible way to show it. Hell on a dirt road you can do "doughnuts" like that.