When A Maa-aan Loves A Skodaaaaaa!

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Normally, when some car geek puts together a website about his beloved project car, the photos don't really do justice to the cars. Hey, it's hard to take good car photos (which is why we should all appreciate Señor Bumbeck's mad camera skilz), so it's nice when we spot a project-car site put together by someone who does a good job photographing his pride and joy. In this case, it's a crazy Dutchman and his 1960 Škoda Felicia.[flnet.nl]


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Paul Y. requires regruntling

It really is hard to take good car pictures. I submitted to tips@jalopnik.com some that I took of a defunct AMC dealer. I mean well, but I'll admit they're a mess of glare and reflections.

Those really are some nice pictures of that Skoda— the passion put into that car is really evident.