Good Morning, It's Sales Day — Will Domestics Drop Under 50% Of Sales?

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Both Ford and GM saw some impressive earnings results over the past week, but now It's the first of the month and Edmunds is already predicting both the General and FoMoCo will potentially see double-digit declines in sales numbers when they report today. But for those of you following the domestic/import horse race — the question is whether they, along with the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid, will be able to retain enough sales to hold the 50% crown. We'll be keeping track of it throughout the day, so keep watching the Sales tag as we keep you in the know. [via NYT]


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@Stoatmaster: It's calculated by where the profits go. For foreign automakers, those profits are repatriated to their home country on vehicles sold that are assembled here. The converse is also true — the profits from vehicles assembled by US automakers in other countries come back to the United States.

Remember, an automaker and its employee base is made up of much more than just the assembly line workers. Many would argue the command and control team is the most important part of the company, providing the greatest economic impact.