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Would You Pay 37 Grand For a '79 Guanci SJJ1 GT?

Illustration for article titled Would You Pay 37 Grand For a 79 Guanci SJJ1 GT?

This is why we love car shopping on eBay- where else do you get the opportunity to buy, in the seller's exact words, "ONE OF THE RAREST AUTOMOBILES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD"? Yes, the Guanci SJJ1 GT, the brainchild of Chicago high-roller John Guanci, who had the inspiration to give the late-70s gold-razor-blade-medallion crowd yet another crypto-exotic sports car...


Sadly, the financial support needed to mass-produce the Guanci evaporated and the production run halted at a mere two cars. The name of Alejandro de Tomaso is dropped here (he was "consulted" on the project), though with what appears to be a bone-stock L82 small-block (with cast-iron exhaust manifolds that seem to be lifted from the '59 Del Rey) it probably can't quite keep up with, say, a Pantera. No matter! This is one of only two Guancis in the universe, or at least the solar system. So what do you think, dear readers? Is the Guanci worth the Buy It Now price of $37,500? [eBay]

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"'s a Guanci SJJ1 GT...Guanci. Yeah, it's a Guanci. SJJ1...yeah, that IS a weird name. It's from, it's not a Fiero. I just told you, it's a Guanci...G-U-A-N- I suppose it DOES look like a Fiero."

Imagine all the new friends you'll make at the gas station! Or the restaurant! Or the parking garage! Or the grocery store! Or the cul-de-sac! Or if anybody actually cared about ugly 70s pastiches.