Since our last DOTS pickup was a Dodge, and the one before that was a Mazda wearing Ford emblems, it's about time we saw a genuine Dearborn truck in this series. And you can't get much more genuine that this 1950 Ford F-1 pickup, which I spotted surrounded by high-end German iron in an upscale East End neighborhood.

Hank Williams' "My Bucket's Got a Hole In It" was shooting up the country charts when this truck was new, although odds are you wouldn't be able to hear the song in most of the non-radio-equipped pickups that year.

The big hood vents are a little odd-looking, but they do add some style to an otherwise utilitarian example of postwar industrial design.

Given this truck's neighborhood, where a small two-bedroom house sells for $650K, I'm pretty sure it never hauls anything more serious than the occasional sack of potting soil. But it could haul several bales of hay, a case of Dutch Lunch beer, and a bunch of your shotgun-brandishing friends out on a roadsign-blasting mission.

Engine choices for '50 were a 95-horse flathead six or a 100-horse flathead V8. I don't see any V8 emblems on this truck, so it's probably got the six.

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