To get into the LA Auto Show we not only had to have all our bags searched, but had to present our media badge. They actually had two guards standing at the entrance to the Media Center checking badges every time you walked in. Seeing as how it takes me 30 minutes just to find a pair of nail clippers, I knew Wednesday night I had better stick my badge someplace safe if I wanted to attend the show on Thursday. So, I hung it off my rearview. A first for me. Coincidentally, Senior Navarro asks:

On my way to work today, I saw a black Maxima driven by an 20-something guy with with not one, but two things dangling from the rear view mirror: A red pine tree-shaped air freshener AND a red Italian horn about 7 inches long (it was longer than the air freshener). My question is this: Is it ever cool/correct to have something hanging from your rearview mirror?

Based solely on the fact that we got whipped in the face on every right hand turn, we say no. You?