Who would have ever thought that our little old Commenter of the Day could cause such controversy? We heard strange talk of failed democracy, fascism and benevolent monarchies. I guess if you post long and hard enough about French/Czech mashups, all of that is bound to be unfurled. However, today's COTD is pure. There will be no controversy, no sniping bitchery and no cause for anything save the celebration of a fellow pistonhead and his wikkid wordsmithery. Now come on boys, make the jump.

In today's DOTS madman Martin stalked and shot a vintage 1969 Volkswagen Bug. Murilee's photographic odyssey led Joe_Bloe to share the following:

This reminds me of my first highschool girlfriend's '70 beetle. We were driving home one night from a swim meet, and the throttle cable broke. So, I did what any self-respecting boyfriend would do in that case: rode home crouched on the back bumper, hood open, working the carb by hand, while she steered and braked.

Monsieur Bloe, we salute you! Anyone who doesn't is getting water boarded.