We're really digging the fact that you guys (though no girls) keep mailing us Questions. It's a good habit — stick to it. Today's QOTD comes from the mighty keyboard of James Gribbon. He asks:

I was just looking at a new WRX yesterday and feeling like Shallow Hal. I was thinking "Damn, that's an ugly car," and feeling "but underneath, it's really a hot WRX." I decided that if I was to own an ugly car with a hot inner-self, it would have to be an E36/8 M Coupe. Ugly/hot cars started rolling through my head: Merkur XR4Ti, "Flying Vagina" STi, etc. What's yours?

Well, while we agree the new WRX is indeed ugly, we still don't like it. Though, the new STI seems to have nailed it in terms of likable ugly (and from what a little birdie told us, the most superest super Subaru is just one eyelash away from perfect on a twisty, back country road). Also, calling he first gen M Coupe ugly? Jerk! So... yeah, we'll just pick our own electric blue, pig-snouted '06 WRX snatchback as our favorite bit of rolling yuck. You?