As some of you may or may not know, Dan Neil is the only human being in the entire history of earth to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for automotive journalism — ever. Say what? Yeah, it's true. If you need to be reminded why, continue reading:

Some may regard these marginal increases in performance metrics not worth the GT Speed's price premium ($199,990, $24,000 over the GT), but these people have tiny yachts you can't even land a helicopter on.

Also, the above picture is Dan dressed as a mime. Say what? Well, you is gonna have to click on over to Mr. Neil's Rumble Seat column and watch the "disturbingly bizarre" Bentley/mime video for yourself. And even then you won't really get it. Did Dan really crack 180 mph in the 5,180 pound Bentley? According to the man himself, "faster." We're going to go cry ourselves to sleep on our puny little yacht.