A panel of experts consisting of car designers, robotics specialists, Art Center faculty and (presumably) Stephan Hawkings' wheelchair looked at all the entrants and decided that the Slipstream is the coolest dog in the window. To refresh your memory, around town the Slipstream rides upright on two wheels and occupies 1/5 the space of a conventional car. Once on a specially built freeway (also called Slipstream), the Slipstream lays down like a regular car, deploys rear fins and can hit speeds exceeding 250 mph. Jalopnik would like to point out that the Slipstream's top speed is a full 50 mph slower than the Vector A-WX-8. Just sayin'. In conclusion, Mercedes-Benz was robbed! congratulations to the VW team of Derek Jenkins, Ian Hilton and Patrick Faulwetter.