Novitec Rosso Reveals Tuning Kit For Ferrari 599 GTB Ahead Of Frankfurt Auto Show

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This image was lost some time after publication.

The Ferrari-tuners at Novitec Rosso Tuning have announced and revealed press shots of a styling kit for the Ferrari 599 GTB they'll be showing off next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The kit's designed to help provide equal tiny parts of both "Go" and the "Show." The kit gives the 599 GTB an additional 25 horses under the hood, popping the horsepower up to 645 from a control unit upgrade and exhaust system with slightly larger 90mm dual tips which are cut at an angle. The slightly new-look lowered front spoiler, side skirts and flaps help to increase the down force, combined with the horsepower boost help bump the top speed of the Ferrari up another 2 miles per hour. And don't forget about those LED rear lamps. The better to see it with, my pretty. We're now very much looking forward to Frankfurt.

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I've never really paid too much attention to the poor 599, but looking at it now, and comparing it to Novitecs, it's looking really good.

Although, I do have to say, what is the deal with not supplying a standard side profile shot with their press materials. This seems to be a growing phenomenon, everything is on an angle, or zoomed in, or tilted. Please, just let us see at least one shot of it's profile. Besides helping me to fix the proportions of the car in my mind, this is also very important for deciding on the best looking car to have valet parked in front of the restaurant when I go out to eat. geez!