I once had a friend who claims to have belched her way out of a speeding ticket. Whether true or not, a local TV station in Fresno, California decided to challenge some myths about traffic tickets by interviewing a local police officer. Though specifically for the Fresno area, most of these are fairly applicable to other situations. Are you more likely to get pulled over near a police station? How much over the speed limit can you drive before getting pulled over? Can you get a ticket for going to slow? The answers below the jump:

8. More likely to get pulled over near a police station? Nope, most cops are on major highways/roads.


7. Can't get pulled over on a major highway by a city cop?
Yes you can, most city cops can just write the ticket up under a different jurisdiction if need be.

6. You can drive up to five miles over the speed limit?
Kind of depends on who is watching you, but cops are generally tolerant of a few mph over assuming you're not "suspicious" looking or they're not having a bad day.

5. If the cop doesn't sign the ticket, you're in the clear?
Nope, most police are allowed to make an amendment with their signature at a later date. This is sometimes different for parking tickets.


4. You can't get a ticket for going too slow?
Of course you can, and it's totally dangerous and annoying.

3. Are you more likely to get pulled over in a red car?
The officer in the story claims you're not more likely to get pulled over, though we're a bit skeptical. At the very least you may be more likely to speed if you bought a red car.

2. Police departments have quotas for number of tickets they must meet?
Once again, the police officer in the story says no. It's apparently illegal to have ticket quotas... but we doubt that stops them from doing it.

1. Do excuses work?
Yeah, of course they do. Though it depends on how lucky/cute/white you are.