Audi pulled out the huge guns to reveal a car that has as much of a chance hitting showrooms as Dennis Kucinich does defeating Ron Paul for President of the Internet. How big? NBC's Today travel editor Peter Greenberg emceed the whole shebang and even managed to semi-hardball some $100 a barrel, $4.00 per gallon petrol questions to Audi folks. Not big enough? OK, how about Frank Gehry, the world renowned architect and designer of LA's own exploded artichoke Walt Disney Concert Hall. Mr. Gehry acknowledged that while he tries to build great buildings, Audi does the same when it comes to cars. Oh, the Cross Cabriolet quattro? Well, it has a 3.0-liter, 240 hp diesel mill that stumps up an impressive 369 ft-lb of the twisty stuff. It will hit 60 mph in 7.2 seconds, was designed in Santa Monica and is painted in a Sunset Blvd. inspired color called, "Sunset Copper." And... that's about it. Ah, right, funny Audi-speak phrase of the year from Chairman Rupert, "We are owning 40% of the premium market in China." Also, be sure to dig through the gallery for the booth babes. These two are worth it.