SSC Ultimate Aero Top Speed Run, Now on Video

When Shelby Super Cars' Ultimate Aero made its potentially record-breaking top-speed run in Washington state last week, the company came prepared. A/V geeks set up multiple cameras to catch the twin-turbo, 1183 hp air cutter as it hit a top average speed of 255.83 mph. We've yet to hear from the dark beer types who keep such records, but we're assuming SSC did all the proper record keeping. And hell, it sure sounds three miles-per-hour faster than the Bugatti Veyron. [Shelby Supercars]

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About mid way through there was one shot that showed a noticeable kink in the road. Well, actually it was more like a slight right followed by a slight left awhile later, but at 250ish it probably feels more like a chicane.

I hope that was on the cool down section after one of the runs.