How Long Will The UAW Strike Last?

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It's Strike Week! Kinda like Shark Week only with fewer commercials. And sharks. According to the pointy heads, GM is poised to survive a short strike. If Big Ron Gettelfinger and his 73,000 friends are just putting on a show and flexing their collective muscles to let the General know they can, the lights should stay on at the Ren Center. GM has some shekels in the bank and a 65-day supply of most products languishing sitting on dealer lots. However, should the strike move past the couple of weeks point, GM will be in the soup. Buick has excited soccer moms across the country with the Enclave, but there is just a three-week supply of that pudgy truckling. Ditto for the GMC Acadia and the Saturn Vue/Sky. Also, the strike's reported (by whom, we've no idea, but we think we heard it somewhere) price tag is in the neighborhood of $100 million per day. A week here, a week there and pretty soon you're talking real money. Considering that these negotiations initially were to address GM's $51 billion yearly health care bill, well, the irony man, and all that. And for once, we have no clue how long the UAW will go. You?


Um... Hello... Toyota is laying some serious smackdown building cars and trucks in our own country with seemingly no lack of people willing to work for them.

Would someone please clue me in to just why I should care about a damn thing the UAW wants? Until then, I'm rooting for GM to put the UAW in the ground and move forward to building more cars I want to buy.